Can Human Be Predicted.

Topics: Human, Natural environment, Humans Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Human behavior can be predicted most of the time, but not all the time. People are product of their environment in a way but then how can we explain these strange things when a child grows up in a nice family but become a criminal. Human beings do not react only by innate reflex, the education play a really important role. For example, the innate reflex of the fear of a snake, without education and without recognition specific of the species of snake, the snake fear established prescriptively among the human species. But, the human being becomes unpredictable due to the plasticity of the response to the situation. The fear can turn into mistrust or worship for example. It is also said that if women that listen classic music while she is pregnant, his baby will like classic music. So, I think that most of the time, the human behavior depends of the environment where he grows. At least people have always more or less some things similar. If someone insults another one, it is sure that he won’t offer him flower the next time they meet. And I think that the look that other people have on you are unconsciously influenced your way of acting. If someone grows up in a good environment, he will become a better man than the one that grow in a bad environment. A child that lived in a violent environment will probably be violent. A child that lived a calm environment he will become a teenager calm as well. So yes, most of the time, human behavior can be predicted because of the origin, the environment and past of a person, but sometimes it is not.
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