Campbell Management Consulting Case Analysis

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Campbell Management Consulting Case Analysis

Situation Analysis
In the Campbell Management Consulting case, Lauzon Automotive hopes to become more efficient. Central Engineering Manager, Peter Cole, has hired Colin Campbell to conduct a series of studies, beginning with the role of “tug operator”. The workload carried by the tug operator position has decreased in recent years due to decreases in the amount of waste generated at the plant; however, staff level of the role has remained constant over the same period. Campbell is observing and analyzing the utilization of workers in the position to determine if cutbacks would be beneficial. Campbell is met with hostility, however, on the part of the union workers who fear losing their jobs. In addition to being openly hostile towards Campbell, the workers have opted to participate in a “work-to-rule” campaign to show their dissatisfaction with the study. The campaign is a strike technique in which workers do the minimum amount of work necessary, or follow the policies and procedures so closely, that productivity is hampered or halted altogether. Since huge losses result from the shutdown of the plant, which could be a result of their work-to-rule campaign, it is wise to avoid its enactment. The root causes of the issues include job design problems, specifically with inflexibility. This narrow description has caused workers to be able to enact the work-to-rule campaign. In addition, general management of the workforce is another concern. Cole, a young manager, needs to get a better grip on the tenured union employees and enforce company policies. Issues with the union also abound; under no circumstances should a consultant be harassed, as Campbell was, by one the Lauzon employees.

PROJECT TITLE: | Campbell Management Consulting| Date:| 9/13/2011| | Owner:| Michelle Crawford| Background| | Recommendations|
*In 1998, Japanese automakers have 30% share of industry vs. the decreasing 60% share held by North American manufacturers. *Production rates for American automakers had dropped 2-3% in few years leading up to 1998. | | A job analysis and reformation of the job description is required to impede any future attempts at enforcing a work-to-rule or other strike tactic. The measurable will be compliance from the workforce as well as increased efficiency in the tug operator role. | | | |

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| | |
| | |
| | | | | | | |
Current Situation| | |
*In order to remain competitive, Lauzon Automotive is looking to become more efficient. *Colin Campbell has been hired to diagnose problems and inefficiencies, beginning with the role of "tug operator". *The workload carried by the tug loader position had decreased steadily in the past few years due to decreases in waste production, yet staff level of this role remained constant over the same period. *The tug operator position is occupied by senior union employees, who are reacting negatively to the study and staging work-to-rule protests.| | | | | |

| | |
| | | | | | | |
| | Plan|
| | 1 - Perform job analysis on the tug operator position. Redefine the role so that it includes measurables like timeliness of deliveries as well as safety regulations. Include any duties that may have been previously undefined in the description. 2 - Have Peter, and perhaps a more senior employee, meet with union leaders on the hostility issues. A “no-tolerance” rule on harassment should be implemented – and offenders immediately fired. 3 - During this meeting, Peter should assure...
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