Call of the Wild Analysis and Connection to Western Frontier Charachteristics

Topics: American Old West, English-language films, Klondike Gold Rush Pages: 4 (1213 words) Published: June 1, 2012
Call of the Wild

In the book, “Call of the Wild,” by author; Jack London, we will be comparing this wonderful piece of work and its characteristics to the early southwestern United States of American frontier literature. We will make a comparison of “The Call of the Wild,” to other great books, such as “Shane,” “True Grit,” and “Tracks.”

Jack London tells a beautiful story, (London, 2005) takes place during the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon, during the nineteenth century. We find a tough situation in the setting of this story for a dog, in a place where sled dogs were greatly needed. Buck is a dog that isn’t accustomed to living out in the wild, since he is a tame and domestic animal. Buck is taken from his ranch and he was sold off. Buck is mistreated and used as a sled dog; a life he has never adapted to. This beautiful beast learns to overcome so many hardships out in the wild. He must learn to deal with horrible treatments he sees from other animals, people, and the cold and harsh weather. California; Bucks original home had been an easy place for this dog to live easily, but Alaska had more hardships and huge lessons for this dog to learn. Living out in the wild wasn’t an easy task but in the end it showed great determination; just like other readings where we learn about overcoming hardships out in the wild.

Buck eventually learns to turn all of these lessons into something other animals respect. This dog becomes a leader to other animals, and is respected by the great wild. “Call of the Wild,” can be easily compared to stories, like, “True Grit,” since both stories are told by authors who hold similarities in their styles of writing. There are many authors who enjoy writing and showing life on the American frontier. “True Grit”

In the book, “True Grit,” we also learn about a character overcoming hardships out in the wild. (Portis, 2002) By reading, “True Grit,” you learn to know the real Mattie Ross. Living her safe life in...
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