Topics: Moses, Christian terms, Promised Land Pages: 4 (1798 words) Published: March 2, 2013

Caleb, a Different Spirit
Nikia Jackson
Chestnut Hill College

People of all faiths study the Old Testament of the Bible. What’s interesting about that is many different ways that the Bible has been interpreted. Depending on your faith, every story could bring you a through a trial or tribulation in your life. The point of the Bible was for people to see that since the beginning of time, people have been faced with the same problems, just in a different form. What the Old Testament also shows is that sine the beginning people have been tested much like the ways that they are tested by God today. God is not looking for those who trust him when things are going well, he’s looking for those faithful servants that will follow him even through their strife and confusion. The story of Caleb is a good example of a servant that followed, obeyed, and believed in God’s word no matter what was in front of him or what adversity he was faced with. Caleb was a servant of God who followed his word even when many others didn’t. He believed that God would deliver his people from the land they were in and bring them to the land that God promised them. Caleb believed when many people didn’t, and did not mind being the only one who stood against the masses in favor of the word of God.

The story of Caleb started as the Israelites wandering in the woods. God tried to tell the people that he would bring them out of this and deliver them to the Promised Land. It is a land flowing with milk and honey. Only after two years of wandering around the wilderness, the people got weary and sent twelve spies into the land to get a sneak peek at who the enemy was that they had to defeat for the land and how they could defeat them. Ten of these “spies” returned upset and depressed. They felt that God had set them up to see this great land that they could never receive because it was occupied by...
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