By Appeal of Book V (Plato's Republic)

Topics: Virtue, Plato, Soul Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: April 9, 2013
In Book V of The Republic Plato (427d-449a) Plato states that the city is the best and in order for it to be the best the virtues of wisdom, courage, moderation and justice have to be plain to see. Also in Book V Plato describes how justice of an individual is similar to justice in the city. The explanations of Plato’s position on the location of the virtues, how they are parts of the soul, how justice is similar to justice in the soul and how Plato connects justice with unity and happiness such that Glaucon agrees with him that a person living a just life will reap the benefit of that lifestyle opposed to living unjust in this essay are given to make Book V (427d-449a) much clearer.

By appeal to part V of Plato’s the republic there are a few positions that he has based on the location of the qualities of wisdom, courage, discipline and justice in the state. The first of these qualities, wisdom is located within the guardians and it’s the first thing Plato sees in the city. First off, he finds the city to be wise because of its respectable judgment which is looked upon as some category of knowledge called guardianship and only the guardians possess this kind of knowledge. Furthermore, Plato goes on to explain that a whole city established would be wise because of the least numerous class, which would be seen as the governing or ruling class, and their virtue. Since they are the ruling class their personal virtues are reflected through the city which in turn makes the city wise (428b). The second quality, courage, is located in the auxiliary class of the city. Plato believes that if you are to determine whether a city has courage, the best part to look for it would be in the soldiers. He also believes that courage is a type of preservation for the law. No matter the pain, pleasure, desire or fear the guardians will never abandon the belief that has been inculcated by the law (429b). The third quality of moderation is located all throughout the city. He...
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