Buyer Behaviour Literature Quotes

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  • Published : February 9, 2012
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Consumer behaviour, Peter M. Chisnall (1995) Published London: McGraw-Hill 1995 3rd ed. “Buying behaviour is complex and influenced by many factors, some of which may conflict with so-called rational decision-making. The interactions of groups and personal behaviour, the interrelationships between attitudes and behaviour, the challenge of authority and status, and the profound, and sometimes subtle, effects of culture on consumption make up, in part, the intricate web of influences which surrounds patterns of consumption.” “People’s behaviour as consumers of diverse products and services cannot realistically be isolated from their societal roles as parents, workers, students and so on. Personal consumption takes place in a social and cultural environment; social and cultural norms influence and inhabit personal consumption. As members of society, individuals, by their patterns of consumption, contribute to the overall consumption of society.”

Sheth, Jagdish N., Mittal, Banwari and Newman, Bruce I. (1999) Customer behavior: consumer behavior and beyond, Published Fort Worth, TX ; London : Dryden Press “Our personal context – the characteristics of the socio-econocultural environment in which we have lived and are living – has intimately influenced our resources , tastes, and preferences. It therefore affects our behaviour as customers by helping to define what we can and want to use, pay for, and buy.” Figure 6.1 personal context has four dimensions: culture, institutions and groups, personal worth, and social class. Of these, culture and reference groups influence customers’ tastes and preferences, and personal worth influences resources. This quartet of contextual factors forms the conduit through which all customer behaviour is channelled. Without an understanding of these channels it is nearly impossible to understand why customers from different countries, different subcultures, different economic means, and different religions, families, and other...
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