Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Prison Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: January 5, 2014
The Death penalty
The very controversial concept that is the death penalty is often in the public mind is viewed as a moral and ethical issue, but in modern society that shouldn’t be the case. With the death penalty and with most issues should be based on facts and not emotions. The death penalty sadly has fallen to the emotions because this hot topic questions religion and the principles of people. Putting all emotions aside the death penalty is not the best course of criminals The greatest mistake that the opposition of the death penalty like the supporters is that they used emotions in their decision making. When the opposition use emotions they typically use religion In a progressive society the hint of religion scares away a large portion of citizens and leaves the wrong image in their mind. This has greatly affected the opposition because they have suddenly viewed as religious zealots. In turn the masses have allowed their own opinion to cloud their mind to opposition facts and remain one-sided.

They average citizen is misinformed on the topic of the death penalty. They have somehow come to believe that the cost of executing a prisoner is cheaper than keeping him or her alive. This is false. New researches have shown that imprisoning an imate for life is much cheaper than executing him or her. It’s irresponsible for government to charge the taxpayer to pay more of capital punishment when is costs less to keep them alive.

Supporters of the death penalty say that is a deterrent to future criminals. This is also not true. When a criminal commits a crime they usually don’t think they will be caught. How can the death penalty serve as a deterrent if the criminal can’t comprehend that he might die? Supporters also may say that the death penalty is a way to make sure these insane criminals are never to be let back into society. Yes this is true but most of these insane criminal are severing life or will most likely die in prison.

Politics play probably...
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