Butterfly Revolution

Topics: Leadership, Rhetoric, Novel Pages: 8 (3165 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Claudia Garrity
Mrs. Proud
The Butterfly Revolution, William Butler
Lord of the Flies, William Goulding
1-221; 1-208, Response #1

In the two novels The Butterfly Revolution and Lord of the Flies, both convey the themes corruptive nature of power and mankind's potential for evil. In the Butterfly Revolution, boys that age from ten to seven teen attend a summer camp named High Pines. The camp was delightful for the younger boys, but the older boys were not so entertained. The "big boys" were bored by games that they thought of as games for children (capture the flag, swimming, marshmallow roasts, baseball, etc.) The boys were separated into their cabins by their age. In these cabins, cabin leaders were chosen by the people who lived in the cabin. Frank Reilley, Stanley Runk, and Winston Weyn were a few of the main cabin leaders that stuck out to me. Frank Reilley and Stanley Runk, and Winston Weyn were a few of the main cabin leaders that stuck out to me. Frank Reilley and Stanley Runk were older boys who were sick of the camps' rules, and found themselves bored. They decided they were going to take over the camp, or start a "Revolution." They explained to their fellow camp attenders that it would be innocent, noone would get hurt, and that it was all for fun. That may have been the reason to start the Revolution, but it simply got out of hand. This represents the theme mankind's potential for evil. Frank Reilley and Stanley Runk soon became dictators instead of "Generals." Frank Reilley believes that Stanley Runk is a threat to the Revolution so he locks him in The Brig where the camp counselors and director of the camp were placed. The Brig was the punishment room, until Reilley and Runk decided it was now where they would be holding their captives. Cruel and unusual punishment was distributed to the people whom broke the rules of the revolution. At the end of this disaster, three people lost their lives and it could have been more if Manuel Rivaz would not have went into town to notify the police. Reilley simply went insane and would have continued the Revolution into larger areas if he would not have been stopped. Corruptive nature of power is demonstrated throughout the novel because of Frank Reilley’s abuse of power. As I mentioned before he turned his innocent role of General into dictatorship. “He organizes everything and seems to reward service, so that I’m a major even though I’m a little guy, but it’s still hard to see where Frank and his head and the whole revolution is going” (Butler 134). Mankind’s potential for evil is shown because of how a group of innocent young boys over took two camps and would have gone further if they had not been stopped. In Lord of the Flies, both themes are shown also. In this novel children from as young as six and as old as thirteen are stranded on an island because their plane got shot down. It is clear Jack and Ralph are the oldest of the bunch because they are the ones who take control of the situation. Ralph is the most mature of the group, and possesses good leadership qualities. Piggy and Ralph make a conch shell the signal to the group for a meeting. At first they all seemed to work together, but as they got more and more desperate to return home they slowly start to lose their sanity. Jack’s corrupt nature of power is displayed when he starts to form his own “tribe” against Ralph. The choir boys join his tribe, but this decision is not a wish one because Jack only treats them with disrespect. “He got angry and made us tie Wilfred up… he’s been tied for hours” (Goulding 159). Man kind’s potential for evil is shown in this quote. Jack was sane, but with the thought of being stranded, this is where it got him.

The two themes are displayed in both novels in similar ways. In The Butterfly Revolution, the theme corruptive nature of power is shown; Frank Reilley’s crave for leadership. Mankind’s potential for evil is shown by how a group of teenagers took over two...
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