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Report by Michal Bodnar and team on Auric Bank Performance on 11 April, 2013

1. Introduction
The aim of the report is to overview the company performance of Auric Bank and to consider options how to manage its declining customer satisfaction and increasing costs. As members of a team of workers from an outside Consultancy company, we were authorized to write this report by the management of Auric Bank. The report is based on our research about bank and the options outlined by the Chief Executive of the Auric Bank. This report concludes with our conclusions on the best option for the bank as well as with some recommendations how to improve customer satisfaction and decline the costs.

2. Findings
1. Background information
The following points summarize our key findings. The company under study is Auric Bank which experienced significant loss last year due to unprofitable investments that reached £1.5 billion. The bank reviewed its operation and found out that consumers think that the bank is charging them too much for their services and the bank does not care enough and does not understand their customers’ needs anymore. The review concluded that the bank should reduce costs to increase its profits and share price. As a part of a major reorganization of their business, the Auric Bank is reviewing several options how to change the services they are providing to their customers. They are mainly looking at cutting costs and increasing efficiency of their call centers. Currently the bank has three call centers in South England and headquarters in London with approximately 2,500 employers. The bank is considering four options for the reorganization of their call centers: • Keep the call centers as they are but increasing their productivity, cutting back business hours and employing more part-time workers • Outsource the call centers to a South African company Resource Plc. with excellent recommendations which will cut the...
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