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Topics: Recycling, Plastic, Plastic recycling Pages: 60 (13642 words) Published: April 9, 2013

Do we ever think about it that’s what’s in our bin? No but just think for a second is it all the smelly trash NO! It contains materials that can be converted to useful products through recycling. Proper management of household trash has been a serious and neglected issue in developing countries like Pakistan. The poor management of trash has resulted in environment al pollution, social problems and wastage of important industrial inputs. Greenmax has its prime objective and focus on recycling of “Plastic”. Why plastic? Because plastics are hazardous to planet Earth and prove to be very difficult to dispose. It is alarming fact that if plastics are to be buried, these can last for at least 700 years. In addition, it is also creating problems of scarcity of space for landfills as amount produced in form of trash is increasing day by day due to rising population. For every ton of waste recycled, 3.3 cubic yard of landfill space is saved. Recycling helps extend the life of existing landfill sites and reduces the need to create new landfills. Currently, the process of collecting household trash and its utilization has not been dealt professionally and efficiently. Green max is having a ambition of business concept “Trash management through recycling” thus highlighting the concept of socioprenureship in the locality, G sector, the most thickly populated sector of Islamabad. A total of 159 Tons Waste/ Day has been generated by G sector only out of which 20 Tons of waste is recyclable. This recyclable trash has a worth of Rs.200, 000 (source Capital Development Authority, 2009). GreenMax is based on well planned recycling business, the idea is unique one because of its unique way of collecting the trash from the houses in specially designed colored bags and converting it in to useful products. Business is centrally focused at an exclusive Green Max outlet where finished products made up of recycled plastic will be sold out to general public and corporate sector. This outlet will be backed up by a small size production set up where products will be made through recycling of waste materials. The proposed business will try to reduce considerably plastic going towards the landfills not only piling up but remaining inside the land for a very long period as it is not decay able The proposed project has many differential advantages. Firstly, there is a regular and substantial availability of raw material, which is expected to increase over time without any effects of inflation. Related to it, the raw material is available at a very low cost compared to virgin materials used for manufacturing plastic products. Secondly, the business concept i.e. environment friendliness and reusability of trash has a favorable and positive consumer attitude by target market and general public. The fact was evident from market research conducted from residents of G sector. Greenmax will involve school children for awareness building, raising a sense of environment protection as common responsibility of every one living in the area. Fourth, Green Max is offering for the first time in Pakistan, a professional and comprehensive system of trash collection from door steps of residents in Islamabad, in a neat, timely and efficient manner. Finally, it requires 70% less energy for manufacturing of recycled plastic products, considerably reducing cost of production and adding up to the profits. The target market geographically comprises of Rawalpindi/Islamabad and surrounding areas. Demographically, target market comprises of households and individuals living in the twin

cities, having a monthly income of more that Rs. 10,000. The products can attract other segments due to their affordable prices. The second segment identified is corporate sector comprising of multinational companies, banks, government offices, education institutions and hotels etc who will be approached by using tools of direct...
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