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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fast becoming a benchmark for the image of any company. Describe a Singapore based company’s (franchise / franchisee can be included) CSR initiatives and how it has benefited the organization and consumer. Use CSR approaches, Human Resources involvement, Risk Management, Brand differentiation and CSR role in building customer loyalty.

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The Manhattan Market as one of the largest wholesale fish markets in the world, one market of them in Singapore. In every year they have more than 150 million pounds of seafood has been sold to seafood restaurants and local seafood stores. In the other hand, they have mission to be seafood casual dining restaurant in Asia by observing for service quality of seafood and give a new innovation variety for their menu. They have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to feed nation, mentally and physically. They have regularly schedule for coming to the orphanages and old folks' homes to give experiences are satisfy from their markets. The Manhattan fish market also have projects in sea to conserve the marine and one of an efforts them is protect the turtles for safety.

Times past of the setting up of Manhattan Fish Market started from 180 years ago. From fish market in Fulton Street underneath the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. They began fishing before dawn to be sold into the market in the morning. They are always looking for the fish before dawn in order to keep fresh fish and consumers can feel the benefits of consuming fish. They really put quality fish they are going to sell, can be seen that before dawn rough men are looking for prey after they get their fresh salmon weighed immediately on a large scale. They also started to cut a big fish in some parts. thus, the fish has entered the market to be ready for sale. The women and men begin to take action to get a bargain seafood with affordable price. Promptly at 7 am this market has been opened for a bargain price action of sea food until 9 am. Where the merchants and restaurants get very fresh fish catch which has been in the rush before dawn, so that they can provide a sense of seafood that are not easily forgotten for their buyers. Has for years been relocated Fulton fish market, but this market has always been one of the biggest fish wholesale market in the world. So, no doubt for the consumer in doing business with Fulton Fish Market. NEW BUSINESS MANHATTAN

Fulton market started thinking about doing other business in addition to trade their catch. ago, they were inspired to build a seafood specialty restaurant with food that comes from their own markets. After they successfully built the first restaurant Fulton Street in Manhattan, their businesses in this area is growing rapidly. Fulton seafood restaurant began to spread to different countries in Asia. Among others, this restaurant started up again in the country of Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and one in Singapore. This restaurant is quite outstanding in many malls in Singapore. Can be found at Causeway Point, North Point, Junction 8, White Sands, Plaza Singapore, The Central, City Square, iluma, Marina Square, Point Bedok, Changi City Point.

LINK BETWEEN SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) AND OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) The Manhattan Fish Market encouraging deal and promotion from the beginning in the intervening seven years. Mid Valley is the place where they first started opening outlets. Starting from shipping, fish slice, chop, cook, mop...
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