Business Ethics Article Review Xmgt 216

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  • Published : August 28, 2010
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Business Ethics Article Review

XMGT 216
University of Phoenix

This paper is written to provide a summary and overview of two articles that have been selected from two different countries, Brazil, South America; and Germany, Europe. The primary ethical perspectives of the countries will be discussed as they were in the article, along with how the article contributes to understanding global ethical perspectives. It will conclude with how each countries business ethics differ from those of America.

Business Ethics Article Review
The ethics of the countries we are surrounded by vary by each one; this paper will describe the ethics of a South American country, Brazil; and a European country, Germany. Each country, state, and city has different ideas on what is acceptable for business etiquette and ethics, it is important to understand what the ethics and behaviors are accepted with those you may be doing business with, within the country, or abroad. These understandings can make or break a business deal. Brazil, South America

Brazil is a highly dominant Catholic country, understanding the religious views of those we are doing business with is crucial as to not offend their beliefs. In Brazil, appearance says a lot about the type of business you do, or intend to do. For example; wearing a three piece suit carries and executive correlation, where as a two piece suit is often associated with office workers. It is also crucial to keep well manicured figures. Strange as it seems, being that the Brazilian flag is yellow and green, wearing them in any fashion is frowned upon. (This confuses me because the countries futbol team’s colors are that of the flag, and we as Americans show patriotism by wearing red, white, and blue.) The OK hand symbol is unacceptable in Brazil, and is considered a rude gesture, while the touching of arms, elbows, and back of another person is not uncommon.

Those in Brazil doing business are very strict, it is...
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