Business Ethics

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  • Published : June 29, 2011
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National Institute Of Management

Business Ethics – Paper 3
By Velasquez Q1) Identify The Behaviors That you think Are Ethically Questionable In The History Of Microsoft. Evaluate The Ethics Of These Behaviors?

Q2) In your Judgment, Who was Morally Responsible For Maryann Rockwoods’Accidenatl Needlestick: Maryann Rockwood? The Clinic That Employed Her? The Government Agencies That Merely Issued Guidelines ? Becton Dickinson?`g Dickinson?

Q3) Who In Your Judgment Was Morally responsible For The Collapse Of Enron?

Q4) Is a Company Like Gap Have Done Anything More? Explain Its Suppliers Treat Their Workers?

Q5) What Kind Of Penalty Do You Believe Would Be Appropriate For Ralph’s? In Your View, was $ 33.3 Million Penalty Excessive? Explain?

Q6) In Your Judgment, Did Becton Dickinson Have An Obligation To Provide The Safety Syringe In All Its Sizes In 1991? Explain Your Position Using The Materials From This Chapter And The Principles Of Utilitarianism, Rights, justice And Caring?

Q7) What Are The Systemic, Corporate And Individual Issues Raised In This case?

Q8) In Your Judgment Did Accolade Go Too far In Trying To Discover The Underlying Source Code Of Sega’s Program’s? Does A Company have A right To Reverse Engineer Any Product It wants?

Q9) In Your View Unocal Morally Responsible For The Injuries Inflicted On Some Of The Karen People? Explain?

Q10) In Your View, does Utilitarianism Provide A More Objectives For Determining Right And Wrong Than Moral rights Do? Explain Your Answer Fully? Does Utilitarianism Provide A More Objectives Standard Than Principles Of Justice? Explain?
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