Business Ethics

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Does the organisation have a code of ethics?

H&M and all companies included in the Group value the fact that all the operations of the Company are characterised by honesty, integrity and fair play. Thus, it is vital to ensure that dishonesty, disloyalty or corruption does not harm H&M’s good reputation. They implement these commitments through their code of ethics

Which Stakeholders are covered by the code?

* Employees
* Business Partners
* Suppliers
* Government
* Shareholders /Investors

Does the organisation state that stakeholders were included in the development of its code

Does the organisation state that employees at all levels were included in the development of its code

As an employee of H&M, you must not accept bribes in any circumstances.
 In addition, you must not offer bribes on behalf of the Company to any person, whether privately employed or in the public sector, or any organisation.
 The laws of each country regulate what is regarded as a bribe.

Does the organisation state that it (re) writes policies using the code as a reference? At H&M, we make it a rule to act with integrity at all times. Our Code of Ethics outlines our requirements towards employees and suppliers. For example Anti - Corruption H&M make it a rule to act with integrity at all times. “Our business principles commit us to comply with all rules and regulations in each country where we operate and to not accept any form of corruption. We implement this commitment through our Code of Ethics, which has been in place since 2003. The Code of Ethics states a zero tolerance policy on corruption.” Does the organisation publish the code internally?

Yes H&M code of ethics is publish internally because it can be view on the company website and all H&M employees and business partners/suppliers are given a copy of the code of ethics. Does the organisation publish the code externally?

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