Business Environment

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Business environment- Dynamic factors of environment- Importance of scanning the environment-Fundamental issues-Economics environment of business - Sock) - cultural environment- Political/ Legal environment -Cultural environment. CHAPTER II

Political economy - Government and business -.Public control, of business -Trends and structure of Indian economy - Socio - economic problems of India CHAPTER III
Government controls and regulations -, Regulating economic and industrial activities - Industrial Licensing policy - Control of monopolies -, Capital issues control - Government control over FDI and collaboration - Distribution and price control - New EXIM policy - Foreign exchange flow regulation -Technology transfer. CHAPTER IV

Monetary and fiscal system - Banking and credit structure in India – Financial institution - Fiscal system - theory and practice. CHAPTER V
Economic planning and development - Government and planning - India's eight five year plan and structural reforms - Industrial policies and promotion schemes - Government policy and SSI - Interface between Government and public sector. CHAPTER VI

New Economic Policy Environment in India - Privatization - Liberalization and Globalization - Experiences and issues - Environmental assessment and evaluation.

REFERENCES : Mohinder Kumar Shartna - Business Environment in India Adhikary M, Economic environment of business Amarchand, D. Government and Business Francis Cheunilam : Business and Government Maheswari & Gupta : Government, Business and Society Kuchal, S.C : Industrial economy of India Fredrick Davis : Business and society.

Business environment

|1 |Environment - Introduction | | |2 |Business Environment & Economy | | |3 |Control of Business Environment | | |4 |Monetary & Fiscal System | | |5 |Planning & Development | | |6 |Liberalization & Globalization | |

Business environment - Dynamic factors of environment - Importance of scanning the environment - Fundamental issues - Economic environment of business - Socio - cultural environment - Political / Legal environment -Cultural environment

This chapter focuses on the following aspects of Business environment: Definition of business, meaning of business environment, the classification of business environment, need to study environment in business decisions, the methods of scanning the business environment, issues that are to be addressed while scanning the environment, various types of factors that influence business environment, non-economic environment and its impact on business decisions.

To highlight the importance of the Business environment, three case studies have been appended at the end of this lesson.

Definition of business
The term business is understood and explained in different ways by different people. For some, business is an activity, for some it is a method of transacting, for sonic others, it is a method of money making and some people argue that business is an organized activity to achieve certain pre-determined goals or objectives. Dictionary meaning of business is: the act of buying and selling of goods and services, commerce and trade. Based on all these meanings of justness, we may define business as: gainful activity through which various elements of society conduct exchanges of the desirable things.

In the olden days, the people engaged...
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