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Topics: Coffee bean, Coffee, Coffea Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: June 7, 2012
Brown Coffeekins
123 Brown Street
Singapore 656000

May 17, 2012

Coffee Supplies
132 Midnite Road
Singapore 556677

Dear Sir or Madam,

RE: My complaint on 13th May 2012

I am writing with regards to a terrible experience I had at Coffee Supplies one week ago.

I ordered coffee beans as usual on March, and till now, I have still not receive my coffee beans. It’s been 2 months since I ordered, so I decided to give your company a call to see what went wrong.

As I always liaise with Michelle in my dealings with your company, I called her up as usual, but the staff that answered the phone said that she was not around at the moment. I then ask her about the coffee beans that I ordered in March but she couldn’t understand what I was saying and so she asked someone else to the phone. The other lady that came to the phone didn’t know what was going on as well, I’ve told them very clearly where I was calling from and what coffee beans have I ordered. The lady couldn’t care less and just hung the phone up on me without at the least trying to understand what I was talking about. She did not even make the effort of checking with her superior or someone that might know the situation better or perhaps call Michelle to check up on this order that I have made.

As I have been a very loyal customer with Coffee Supplies for the past ten years, I did not expect this to happen. Despite being offered better prices from other suppliers, I still stayed loyal to your company. But, if this was the kind of service your company is offering to me, I am really very disappointed and regretted telling my fellow friends how good the coffee beans and service your company has to offer.

This coffee bean that I have been ordering for the past ten years has always been an all time favorite in my shop. I’ve been out of this coffee bean for the past one month and my customers have been very displeased. My customers are all going to the coffee shop next door to get their...
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