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  • Published : April 3, 2000
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Argumentative Draft

Formal Education Is the
Key to Success

The advancement of technology in the last decade has increased the demand for Americans to seek higher and formal education. No longer do we live in the age of manual labor, family owned & operated conveniences, but rather a computerized age. Thirty-years ago job seekers could find stable and secure work that would ensure stability and a prosperous future. Those white collar jobs could be obtained and secured by individuals lacking a formal and/or higher education. Today, blue collar jobs like fast food restaurants, warehouse labor, and/or janitorial services prefer and sometimes require some form of education. Employers have become more openly concerned about their employees ability to represent their companies. (Formal education is the key to empowerment, but it is not necessary in order to become successful in today's society.)

Education has become a large importance and often the determining factor for competitive job seeker. More than half of Americans citizens seek some form of education at one time or another whether it be for job placement or advancement. Technology is always changing and requires employers to train and re-train its employees to keep then afloat. College students like myself have always been for warned that higher education is the key to ensure success in the career world and will be the only means of providing a competitive income to accustom societies changing trends. Not long ago, education could be used by employers to determine which potential employee was qualified for the job. Today applicants are equally equipped with resumes, one or more degrees, fluency of languages, and references. Only highest achieved in education distinguishes him or herself from the competing applicants.

Education is extremely important for those hoping for success in the twenty-first century. Those without a formal are not completely exempt from success, but...
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