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3.1 Using data from Kellogg’s business scenario, prepare a range of graphs using spreadsheets — line, pie, bar charts and histograms, and draw valid conclusions based on the information derived (P7) For collecting data from the people of India about their breakfast habit and attitude the student worked by dividing themselves into 4 groups with the same questionnaires. They provide it to 125 peoples a total and they have answered properly. The students have made some data basis chart depending on the answer of the questionnaires. Line chart:-

This pie chart has made depending on the question number 1, where asked to the people about the items of breakfast they like most.

In question 1, there was an option of writing three items. Depending on the chart it can say that most of the people like milk and bread with sugar and sometimes corn flakes instead of dread with hot milk. About 64% peoples depends on these three items where is another good percentage came out of 17%, who like Rice and curry. Most interesting biscuits and rice flakes are liked by same of 9% people, where the same percentage of people likes another 4 or 5 items.

Pie Chart:-
A pie chart is made as well depending on the question number 3, where is asked about the factor which influence the people when they purchase food for breakfast.
The pie chart shows that over 44% people are influenced by test, which is high rate, where the latest number is for brand, only 5%, is lowest percentage. It sure that peoples follow quality and healthy at the same time, because the percentage is same of 19%. Here is a quite good percentage of people, who follow the price, which is 13%. Bar chart:-

With the question number 8 a bar chart is added with the assignment, where the respondents were asked on the advertisement influence them more. Considering the answer the following bar chart was made.

From the figure it can see, most people like the advertisement of Britannia Industries, where the...
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