Business Communication

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BUSINESS Communication 5 MARKS 100

All questions are compulsory. The first five questions shall be of 16 marks each and last question shall be of 20 marks.

Q1 (A) What are the principles of Business Correspondence? Explain the significance of each by giving suitable examples.

(B) In what way would you prepare yourself, if called for a job interview?

Q2 (A) What are the various communication facilities that internet provides to a Professional ?

(B) What are the qualities of a well-written paragraph?

Q3 (A) What factors should be borne in mind while sending quotations?

(B) In what way is quotation letter different from a notice inviting tenders?

Q4 (A) What are the characteristics of a good illustration?

(B) What are the factors one should bear in mind while planning letters?

Q5 (A) Why has the importance of reports increased in our times?

(B) How would you assess material before making notes from it? Why is assessment necessary?

Q6 (A) What is a Mail Questionnaire? In what respects is it different from the list of questions prepared for a personal interview and in what situations would you use it?

(B) ) In what way a participant can contribute to the smooth conduct of a meeting?

(C) Why do employers use group discussion as one of the instruments for assessing the suitability of candidates for a job?



All questions are compulsory. The first five questions shall be of 16 marks each. And the last question shall be of 20 marks.

Q1 (A) What is the difference between primary and secondary research? Under what circumstances might the availability of secondary data make primary research unnecessary? What are some major sources of secondary data?

(B) What is opinion leadership?

Q2 (A) What are the strengths and weaknesses of motivational research?

(B) What is social class?

Q3 (A) What is the relationship between brand loyalty and brand equity? What role do Concepts play in the development of marketing strategies?

(B) Sony is introducing a new 27- inch T V with a picture – in – picture feature. How should the company position and advertise the product to (a) Generation X Consumers ( b) Affluent baby boomers.

Q4 (A) Are there any circumstances in which information from advertisements is likely to be more influential than word of mouth?

(B) Find two advertisements that depict two different defense mechanisms and discuss their effectiveness.

Q5 (A) How can marketers use measures of recognition and recall to study the extent of Consumer learning?

(B) What is market Segmentation? How is the practice of market segmentation related to the marketing concept?

Q6 (A) What is cross-cultures consumers analysis? How can a multinational company

Use cross-cultural research to design each factor in its marketing mix?

(B) How should marketers promote products and services to working women? What appeals should they use? Explain.

(C) For what kinds of audiences would you consider using comparative advertising? Why?



All the questions are compulsory .The first five questions shall be of 16 marks each and the last question shall be of 20 marks.

Q 1(a) What are Managerial Functions ?

b) If you were the Chief Executive Officer of a large Corporation, how would you “Institutionalize” ethics in the Corporation?

Q 2(a) “Planning is looking Ahead & Control is looking back” - Comment.

b) Why are contingency strategies important?

Q 3(a) “Decision making is the primary task of the manager” Comment.

b) A formal...
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