Business Case Report - Walmart

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Amber D. Turk

Professor: Preston Cameron

Mesa Community College / Dobson Campus

SBU 200/Business & Society – (M/W/F) 10-10:50 am.

Author’s Note
This paper was prepared for Society & Business (SBU 200), taught by Professor Cameron.


The point that I took away after having read the case report on Wal-Mart was that the reason Wal-Mart is able to continue mistreating their employees is because we as consumers support the continuation of the same unfair labor practices by giving them our repeat business over other the choice of spending our dollars at local merchants in our area. It’s my opinion after having read the business case report on Wal-Mart that it’s the public’s common perception Wal-Mart is both socially as well as environmentally aware, conscious and pro-active in local communities, internationally as well as globally. Combine that with their numerous achievements such as the following: 2010’s Most Valuable Employers for Military by & 2010’s Donor of the Year by Feeding America, for providing funds, vehicles, and more than 100 million pounds of food to the fact that “Planet Wal-Mart,” is supported by millions of people all around the world. I feel that it’s necessary to point this fact out, that this company, the largest retailer in the world is supported by so many. That the company has such support from so many followers in different capacities in spite of the fact that the sheer presence of the giant super-center is considered to be somewhat of a “death sentence” to America’s smaller towns. Small town “Main Street/Downtown” areas are desolated/”strip mined” in a sense. They are robbed of their values and the small town “feel” or identity which is an essential component of what makes the people and the town who they are. Also, it’s been seen time and time again when the move of this devouring monster into...
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