Bushmen Culture

Topics: Sociology, Social control, Family Pages: 5 (1720 words) Published: December 14, 2008
Lance Stimpson
Comparative Paper between Britain and the Bushmen

The culture of Britain and the Bushmen are two completely different lifestyles. Britain is a Western society, influenced heavily by technology and vanity, whereas the Bushmen live as a primitive society. These two cultures differ completely because of their different history, interests and values. 1.Culture

The first major difference between Belgians and the Bushmen is their way of living. In Belgium, as like in most other countries in the world, people live in villages, towns and cities. People normally move only a few times during their life. They choose a place to live and settle there for the rest of their life. The Bushmen their traditional way of living on the other hand is nomadic. They travel around all their lives; they go from one place to another, stay there for a while, and move on again. Their way to survive is also totally different. People in Belgium grow up and learn how to fit in a complex society and learn how to achieve the goals that society has set out for everyone. That is the modern struggle to survive; fit in and be satisfactory. Survival for the Bushmen has a totally different, more primitive meaning. A lot of things in their culture can be explained with finding a way which increases their chances for survival the most. The Bushmen are still in direct contact with nature and they directly rely on it. The more they know about nature, about plants, about tracking down animals, the higher their chances to survive are. Survival is the biggest challenge one is faced with and because survival means something different to both cultures, their values and interests will differ too. The Bushmen value sharing, modesty and cooperation most while in Belgium people focus more on their own development. One could say that Western societies challenge everyone individually to gain as much as possible out of life which is totally different from a primitive society where the group is more important. The group is important because it is one’s safety net to survive. For the same reason sharing and cooperation are highly valued; these are two things that can help somebody or a whole group to survive. Another result of struggle to survive is birth control. The Bushmen try to maintain a low birthrate so the group can keep travelling around easily and everyone in the band can be fed. In Belgium, there is no such thing is birth control. People can have as much children as they want, as long as they can support them. Technology is also something that differs both cultures. Due to the shortage of technology, the Bushmen have other ways of entertaining themselves. The Bushmen still have a big community life in which music and dance take a major role. Furthermore they enjoy being in each other’s presence, talking with each other, and laughing. Children play a lot of games with each other without being competitive. In Belgium society nowadays, isolation is becoming a huge danger. Computer, television, internet, etc, are the present-day replacements of human company. Nowadays somebody could entertain himself easily for days without seeing anybody. Technology is therefore not only an improvement in the lives of Westerners, it is also a trap.

The Bushmen do not have schools, government, or schools where they learn how to live, which is a major difference with Belgium where children go to school starting from the age of three. Bushmen’s children simply imitate the behavior of the adults and older children of their band. Children learn everything from their family and friends. This way of socialization makes that their way of living remains roughly the same. The interaction between children contributes also a lot to their learning process. Older children teach the younger ones how to play. Children are a sort of social control towards one another. They punish each other’s aggression for example. In a certain way one could notice the same...
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