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Topics: Utilitarianism, Ethics, Welfare economics Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: August 19, 2012
Justice is the importance of an individual or society having rights, equality and fairness. Fracking in the Karoo has damaged the environment and contaminated the water sources which have led to the violation of people rights (du Toit, 2011). In order to come to a moral decision whether fracking in the Karoo is or is not desirable I studied Mill’s utilitarian theory of justice which helped me understand that actions must be made to maximize the overall happiness of the individuals that were experiencing the fracking. I explained the Mill’s theory, the advantages and disadvantages as well as how it is applied in the fracking case. Body

John Stuart Mill was a Utilitarian who believed that justice was a subset of morality and he claims that “Justice implies something which is not only right to do, and wrong not to do, but which some individual person can claim from us as his moral right”(Gray, 2011). He said that justice is not a moral standard and to determine justice we must look at the overall happiness of that individual. Mills argued that both positive rights and negative rights existed which helped individuals have a greater equality and self well being. Positive rights being education, food, housing and medical support. Negative rights were freedom of speech and to be allowed to follow any religion we desired. There are two arguments about the principles of justice according to Mill. The first principle looks at what is an acceptable action that someone should receive and the second principle is what should be an acceptable action that society should give (Gray, 2011). Utilitarian’s are the people that seem to see no difference between justice and morality. According to Utilitarian’s, morality and justice have similar qualities but they don’t see either one having more importance or a higher priority than the other. Most of the utilitarian ideas and beliefs link morality to economic distribution, the law and to politics. However...
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