Burqas and Niqabs

Topics: Human rights, Law, Islam Pages: 3 (332 words) Published: February 28, 2013

I. Attention Getter:
What do you think of when you see a person wearing traditional Islamic clothing? You think that he is a terrorist or has somewhat connects to terrorism. Well this is stereotyping and also discriminating against a Muslim person, just because of his appearance.

II. Relation to Audience:
Recent bans on the public wearing of burqas and niqabs have caused a great deal of controversy. As shown by the article “French burka ban: police arrest two veiled women”, there are three countries in Europe: Belgium, France and Holland which are prohibiting the burka.

III. Preview & Thesis:
This trend not only breaches international laws of religious and cultural freedom but also is human right abuse.



I. Burqsa and niqabs are traditional outer garments worn by Muslim women to cover their head and body in public places. A. The burqa covers the entire body and having a veiled opening for the eyes. (dictionary.com)

B. The niqab is a type of veil that is made of lightweight opaque fabric and leaves only the eyes uncovered. (dictionary.com)

C. It is obligatory for a Muslim woman to dress in the presence of men who are not related to her.

II. Banning the use of burqas and niqabs means to defy the religion and tradition. (Geoffrey) A. Burqas and niqabs are not part of a short-lived fashion trend but both have been commonly recognized by Muslims throughout history. They are a part of Islam that is not subject to time and does not become outdated. B. Burqas and niqabs have an Islamic basic which is a religious garment and act of worship.


III. Banning burqas and niqabs run counter to human rights violation including isolation and discrimination against Muslims.

A. Such bans offend human-right standards, particularly the right to respect for one’s private life and identity. 1.


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