Bullying Essay: over the Edge

Topics: Bullying, Suicide, Want Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Over the Edge

Kenneth Weishuhun, a fourteen year old boy, committed suicide on April seventeenth of this year. He never gets to celebrate his fifteenth birthday, or see his sophomore year, or his own graduation. He will never have a family of his own and it’s simply because people cannot accept others. He was our age, in our grade, in our state and only a few towns over. Iowa boasts itself as the only Marriage-equality state in the midwest, but this does not dictate the acceptance of gays, and Kenneth’s family will tell you that.

Millions of teens all across the US are bullied each day for a multitude of things. Looks, money and Sexuality top the charts for the things a bully will look for in their victim, but what does that matter? So they don’t shop where you do, how does that affect you in any way? If they happen to be on welfare, does that make a difference in your life? And as for who they choose to hold a relationship with, it doesn’t matter to anyone who says the hurtful things kids say to one another.

Students will go to great lengths to hurt another, but at what cost? Students in South O’Brian High began picking on one student simply because he was gay. They went so far as to make an anti-gay Facebook page, and torment him through the anonymity of the internet, as well as in the halls, after class and even following him home, with texts and emails. When it gets this far, so far that there is no possible way for escape from a bullies hurtful words, where does one turn? Many think the only option is for them to leave the world entirely. Think about that; feeling so low so worthless and so unloved, that you would rather be dead, than go on. It’s a hard reality to grasp, but if we don’t, where does that leave bullying victims? Alone? Drowning with nothing to grasp and nothing to hold. I’m here because I want to tell you why you need to be their preserver.

How hard is it for you to tell someone you think they look nice, or that you think they have...
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