Bullying and People

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Shock Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Things that Bewilder me

There are many things that bewilder me but it would take too long to cover them all. So here is a quick summary of a few things. First what probably bewilders me the most is how people can just just look away or ignore certain things. Second is how couples can move so fast and be so blazon. Third it amazes me on how transient life is and yet people still flout it. Lastly it never stops bewildering me as to how people treat one another. It bewilders me how people look away or ignore certain things. First people ignore bullying or abuse even though they should do something about it. Second I always see people overlooking or ignoring dangers that are present within everything. Thirdly people always seem to look away at some thing going wrong or something being done that shouldn't be happening or done. That's why people's ability to look away or ignore things bewilders me. Couples can always bewilder me for many reasons but here's a few. First I know of couples that have only been together a month and are already engaged; that's way too fast or early to tell. Second couples tend to do things other people don't really want or care to witness - at least that’s my opinion. Third couples, can be fine,happy, and lovey one moment and the next out of no where be at each others throats. Lastly couples seem to interact differently with or when around other couples for the most part. Those are just a few reasons why couples tend to bewilder me. Knowing how short life can be and how people treat it or mock it never stops amazing me for many reason . Life can be taken within the blink of an eye and yet people never seem to live it as they should. People tend to not enjoy life as well as they should if you ask me. Life throws you bumps and curves but people should overcome those obstacles and enjoy time and life while you got it. Lastly as I have said over and over again, life is short. Live it the way you want to while you can. You only live once...
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