Budget Hero

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Petroleum, Energy Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: December 18, 2012
My plan to balance the budget was to lower spending on defense, cut programs that I felt were unnecessary or wasteful and raise taxes on non-green industries. I did this while protecting science and education because the only way to keep the next generation out of poverty is to give them the knowledge they need to succeed. I managed to delay the budget bust from 2031 to 2035 and lowered the national debt from $16.5 trillion to $13.1 trillion. I also shrank government by about two percentage points. I played several cards that increased spending in order to protect education, science and the environment. One such decision was increasing NASA’s funding by 50%. NASA does more than just explore space; they are among the top innovators of new technologies and great promoters of science in education. The boost to education and technology that this decision brings will greatly benefit the next generation. Another decision I made was to fund clean energy research. In the long run, this is one of the greatest things that we can do for our country, our environment and ourselves. Clean energy is the key to ending our oil addiction and will greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and end our dependence on the Middle East while creating millions of jobs in America. This would hurt big oil companies but benefit Americans. Most of the decisions I made were to cut spending from different programs. Probably the most important card I played was rapidly cutting the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. These wars have been sucking our economy dry and the main targets are dead or captured. It’s time to stop spending money on pointless wars. This could possibly be detrimental to Iraq and Afghanistan but we need to consider our own interests first. Ending these wars will save the country a lot of money and affects the lives of the troops that we’re bringing home. My policy, when it came to taxes, was to raise taxes on non-green industries in order to shrink our ecological...
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