Budget Cycle

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The Public Budget Cycle of the Bureau of Prisons

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The bureau of prisons is a program that was established in 1930. Its main purpose was to offer inmates in federal prisons more progressive and humane care. As an agency of the Department of Justice, it has the sole purpose of confining offenders and facilitating their correction. Ultimately, this results in the agency protecting the society. (Behren & Korfona, 2002) However, the agency faces certain challenges when carrying out of its duties. A major challenge that the agency faces is the constantly growing number of inmates in the federal system. This has put an enormous strain on the current number of prison facilities. The result of this increased pressure being experienced is that most correctional facilities have to deal with the problem of overcrowding. It has, therefore, been difficult for the agency to provide humane living conditions to inmates when there is no enough room to confine them. This problem has brought about the need to upgrade the facilities and the construction of new cellblocks. The main aim for these measures is to cater for the rising numbers of inmates in the facilities and to relieve the pressure on the facilities. (Behren & Korfona, 2002) The public budget cycle for the Bureau of Prisons is a system that allows the agency to absorb and adapt to new information. This system allows the agency to be held accountable for its actions. The cycle consists of four phases. These phases are Preparation and submission, approval, execution, audit and evaluation. The process followed by the prison’s budget cycle, is meant to enhance responsibility and maintain a smooth operation of the agency’s activities. It also allows for the achievement of a limited agency. The transparency has also assisted the agency to obtain additional funding from the government. The process involved in the implementation of a budget further ensures that...
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