Buddhism and Hinduism short introduction

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Hinduism was originated in South Asia (India, Subcontinent) in 2000 B.C.E. If you look at the map of India you could see where Hindus originated and how isolated it was. There is one easy land entry in the Northwest corridor into the vicinity of Indus River where Pakistan now lies. The fact that India is so isolated helped create this culture that is so unique and captivating. Hinduism is not known to have a founder; however they have many contributing sources such as Indus Valley Civilization and Aryans.

The land lying on the southern side of the Hindu-Kush Mountains was considered the land of the Hindus or Hindustan and the religion followed by the people there was known as Hinduism. In Hinduism, Buddha is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Consequently the word Buddha is mentioned in several of the Puranas that are believed to have been composed after his birth. Certain Buddhist teachings appear to have been formulated in response to ideas presented in the early Upanishads – in some cases concurring with them, and in other cases criticizing or re-interpreting them. In later years, there is significant evidence that both Buddhism and Hinduism were supported by Indian rulers, regardless of the rulers' own religious identities. Buddhist kings continued to revere Hindu deities and teachers, and many Buddhist temples were built under the patronage of Hindu rulers. This was because never has Buddhism been considered an alien religion to that of Hinduism in India, but as only one of the many strains of Hinduism. Kalidas' work shows the ascension of Hinduism at the expense of Buddhism. By the eighth century, Shiva and Vishnu had replaced Buddha in pujas of royalty.
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