Bruce Peninsula National Park

Topics: Natural environment, Hunting, Habitat Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Bruce Peninsula National Park Essay

Bruce Peninsula National Park was established for the solitary purpose of preserving the ecosystems and habitats in the Great Lakes-St. Lowlands natural region. The construction of a retirement community and the local needs that come out of it will negatively affect the wildlife and vegetation of Bruce Peninsula, and the inaccessible environment of the park will only lower the quality of living standards for seniors.

The establishment of a retirement home disturbs the wildlife and vegetation through the clearing of habitat space for construction, the recreational activities and the commercial interests of residents. Since Bruce Peninsula already faces several threats in its environment such as the decline of top predators like wolves, the clearing of park space to provide land for construction inevitably leads to the further imbalance of the park’s ecosystem. Recreational activities such as fishing or hiking could also disrupt the park’s habitat. Since many of Bruce Peninsula’s habitats are familiar to living in undisturbed areas, such recreational activities for residents have negative long-term effects on the wildlife of the park. Furthermore, the hunting of animals and park products are commercial interests that disrupt habitats if not limited or banned. It’s imperative that communities know that the destruction of natural resources is often irreversible. However, this only contributes to a small part of the negative impacts on habitats and wildlife, as the residential community itself brings more problems to the park.

Due to the negative impact that a retirement community in Bruce Peninsula would have on wildlife and vegetation, in addition to the inconvenience that residents of the community will have to deal with in order to access their daily needs, it is strongly advised that Bruce Peninsula is not be further developed. That way, Bruce Peninsula can continue to be the beautiful representative of...
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