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Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Egyptian hieroglyphs Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Temple for Assignment 1
William Liang
Professor Crawford
Art 100: Introduction to World Art
Visit to the Brooklyn Museum of Art

For the first assignment in Dr. Crawford’s Art 100 class, the students have to visit the Brooklyn Museum’s Egypt Exhibit. From which we pick a artifact we thought was interesting and write a paper about the artifact; the artifact that I have chose is the Kneeling Statue of Senemut. The reason I found this artifact interesting, is because Senemut isn’t a person from royalty and what’s even more interesting, he was a official to a pharaoh whom was female. Name and Date of Piece

The Kneeling Statue of Senemut was created during Hatshepsut’s rule, New Kingdom, Dynasty which is believed to be from 1478-1458 BCE. Materials and Tools Used
This statue is made from Granite which is a type of stone found from earth, so it is believed that the artist used some sort of chisel and hammer to create this art piece, since modern machinery was not available at the time. A Detail Description of My Observation

In this statue you see a male figure kneeling, in what is believed to be an offering position. In his hand he is shown holding a diving symbol, which is being offered to the gods. This statue is 18 9/16 x 6 7/8 inches where Senemut is kneeling and 6 ¾ x 2 15/16 x 11 9/16 inches at the base of the statue. This piece is made out of granite which makes it dark grayish in color. Speculation on the Purpose and the Message this Work of Art Attempts to Convey Since Senemut in this statue is found kneeling, it is believed that he is making an offering to the gods. And this is further proven by the divine symbol that he is holding and offering to whom is believed to be Montu, whom is the god of Armant. Senemut is doing this for his own benefit, on the behalf of Hatshepsut (which is shown by the hieroglyphic writing found on the base of the statue) so that the kingdom should be prosperous and that he could “stay” in “power” and receive...
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