Brooklyn Bridge

Topics: Brooklyn Bridge, Decompression sickness, Washington Roebling Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Brooklyn Bridge

This essay introduces the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bridge is located in America over the East river; the nearest city to the bridge is New York and Manhattan, Brooklyn.

After 60 years of political, financial and technical discussions to start the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge it was approved. The Bill to start construction was signed in 1869 by the New York Bridge company president, Ulysses S Grant. The cost of the original structure was $15,100,000.

John Augustus Roebling was the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge but during the review for the Bridge project, Roebling was badly injured by a ferry. This crushed his toes, causing them to be amputated, which left him laid up in bed. He died shortly afterwards which left his son, Washington Roebling who took over as Chief Engineer.

Construction began on 3 January 1870 under supervision of Washington. Shortly after taking charge of the bridge Washington got sick and caught the Bends during construction of the Manhattan caisson, because a fire occurred in the caisson and slowly burned for weeks. Since Washington got sick his wife, Emily Roebling helped to provide the critical written link between her husband and the site. Washington hardly went to the site and was known as the man in the window.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest and longest suspension bridges in the USA. It was 50% longer than any previously built bridges. Roebling designed a bridge and truss system that was six times as strong as he thought it needed to be. Because of this the Brooklyn Bridge is still standing, when many bridges built around the same time have vanished and have been replaced. This is also in spite of the replacement of the low graded quality wire in the cabling supplied by the constructor J. Lloyed Haigh – by the time it was discovered, it was too late to replace the cabling that had already been constructed. So Washington decided...
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