Broadcasting and Robert Mayer

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“The Quiet Hour”
“The Quiet Hour” written by Robert Mayer. Mr. Mayer suggest that to persuade audience that all TV broadcasting should be prohibited by law for 60-90 minutes per night in USA. He wants to know what the results might be if such a personal were adopted. Perhaps families might sit around together after dinner and talk to each other.

Mr. Mayer thinks good would be come from less TV: families could eat together and they could solve each other’s problems; children would want to read books which should be good their future lives. The bad thing would be a financial problem. Thousands dollars would be lost by the advertisers.

Mr. Mayer uses subjective tone. I don’t believe that he gives evidence. I feel Mr. Mayer has a bias advertisers. He does say good job when he talks about reading. I believe the families would read silently and aloud. Also, he talks about advertisers. I believe TV companies would be very angry about losing money from the advertisers. He doesn’t convince me families would talk together, I think that children would play computer games. The reason I believe Mr. Mayer is not effective because every teenagers loves to play computer games. In my country parents and children have distance. Perhaps, they feel shame about conversation. They should rather play games than talk with their parents.

In conclusion, Mr. Mayer thinks “The Quiet Hour” would be good for families, so they could resolved problems but I think would not produce good results. I think instead of watching TV children would waste their time playing computer games. In my opinion Mr. Mayer is right when he talks about reading, and I think so. Then the author talks about financial, which TV companies losing money in that quiet hour. I think if government does like that, TV companies could be conflict with government.
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