British Empire and Central American Slave

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According to New England Puritans, witchcraft:


was due entirely to exposure to Catholicism.

B. resulted from pacts that women made with the devil to obtain supernatural powers or interfere with natural processes.

was restricted to Salem.

was perfectly acceptable when it was used for proper purposes.

was punishable by hanging unless it was used to reinforce men s standing and God s will.

Olaudah Equiano:


demonstrated in his writings that he perfectly fit the stereotype that blacks were savages incapable of becoming civilized.

led several Central American slave insurrections before his death.

was popular with Europeans for telling them that their culture was far superior to that of Africans like himself.

was one of the few children of African-American and Native American descent ever to be the chief of his Indian tribe.

E.wrote the eighteenth century s most widely read account by a slave of a slave s own experiences.

Revivalist preachers during the Great Awakening frequently:


formed influential organizations dedicated to abolishing slavery.

praised Deism.

sought to avoid emotional styles of preaching.

accepted financial support from colonial governments.

E.criticized commercial society.

The participants in South Carolina s Stono Rebellion:


A.included some who apparently had been soldiers in Africa.

were unsuccessful because of divisions over language and ethnicity.

surrendered without any bloodshed and agreed to pledge loyalty to the colony.

laid siege to Charleston but had to retreat when the Royal Navy brought reinforcements.

By the eighteenth-century, Indian societies:


A.were well integrated into the British imperial system.

were viewed in the same way by traders, British officials, and farmers.

benefited from the Walking Purchase of 1737.

never warred with the colonists.

had access to the liberties guaranteed to Englishmen.

were mostly former indentured servants upset over the colony s Indian policy.

. What did Junípero Serra hope to do in California?


take over the Russian trading post at what is now Santa Barbara

explore the Sacramento River basin to find gold

B.convert Indians to Christianity and to settled farming

stop the common practice of using Indians as forced laborers

claim the land for Spain and earn the praise of Queen Isabella

The first English Navigation Act:


A.authorized several mapmaking expeditions to the New World.

added New Netherland to the British empire.

freed England s North American colonies from economic regulations (in order to stimulate prosperity).

required the Royal Navy to use only Protestant navigators on its ships.

In its early years, Carolina was the colony of a colony because its original settlers included many:


former indentured servants from Virginia.

Protestants upset over Catholic rule in Maryland.

supporters of Anne Hutchinson seeking refuge from Massachusetts.

D.landless sons of wealthy planters in Barbados.

planters from Cuba hoping to expand their sugarcane empires.

The Virginia slave code of 1705:


A.specified that slaves were property and subject to the will of their owner and the community at large.

was the work of Nathaniel Bacon.

simply brought together old aspects of the laws governing slaves and slavery.

completely rewrote and changed the earlier slave laws.

made clear that slaves were subject to the will of their masters but not to anyone who could not claim ownership of them.

aimed to wrest control of world trade from the Dutch.

10. Over time in the Chesapeake region, what happened to free blacks?


Their population grew rapidly through natural...
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