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Other notable annual occasions
Easter is far less important than Christmas in Britain. Although it involves a four-day weekend, there are very few customs and habits associated generally with it, other than the mountains of chocolate Easter eggs which children consume. Some people preserve the tradition of eating hot cross buns on Good Friday (Calendar of special occasions). Quite a lot of people go away on holiday as this time. Bc in this time has Valentine’s day (St. Valentine's Day and Gretna Green) St. Valentine’s Day and Gretna Green

Despite the unromantic reputation of the British, on this day every year about £7million worth of flowers are delivered (orders from men out- number those from women by forty-to one), and extra 40 million chocolates are sold and greetings-card manufactures collect £25million. Every St. Valentine’s Day, thousands of people travel to a tiny village on Scotland’s border with England. Many of them go to get married, and many more couples go through mock wedding ceremonies. The village is Gretna Green. Its romantic reputation began in 1754. In England in that year, marriage for people under the age of 21 without permission from parents was banned. In Scotland, however, this permission was not required, and Gretna Green was the first stop across the border. The laws that brought fame to Gretna Green no longer apply. But its reputation is secure. In this small place, at least one couple get marrieds, on average, every day of the year. Weddings for St. Valentine’s Day have to be booked three month in advance. None of the other days of the year to which traditional customs are attached is a holiday, and not everybody takes part in these customs. In fact, many people in Britain live through occasions such as Shrove Tuesday, April Fools’ Day or Hallowe’ne without even knowing they have happened. (Shrove Tuesday)

Shrove Tuesday
This day is also known as Pancake Day. In past centuries, lent was a time of fasting. Both meat and...
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