Brita Case

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Diagnosis of the problems
Manolo Holguin

- One of the problems is How to launch the Faucet Mounted filter to the right customer segment, without cannibalize our Brita water filtering system, in a well know Brand recognition and a well know loyal Brand (Brita) with a market share of 83% for the pitcher and 75% for filters. It means Brita needs to launch a different marketing strategy with this new product, been launched already from competitors.

- The perception of the customer with the launch of this new product, if it would replace the old one or it would be a complementary product. The perception and advertising of this new product with new benefits like taste and health, been not first movers.

- Without innovation, (Faucet) the Brita Company can lose market share by PUR so innovation is important for the Brita to increase market share.

-A pitcher with two compartment and a replaceable filter
-Filter (activated carbon and ion-exhange resin) filter replacement after two months in packages of 1-3 of 5 units. Benefits
Filtered water taste better
Not deposit scale when boiled Not contained harmful heavy metals

Price (low cost)
7.80 cost, 3-4% loyalties to German Brand
72% and 82% of young adults concerns about the quality of the water supply 25% of buyers had given Brita as a gift
80% of users who tried the product still using one year after.

PUR| Rubbermaid| Others|
40 M advertisingRemove other benefits like giardia & cryptosporidiumMore expensive, more technologicFirst mover for Faucet Mounted FilterP&G deal for the companyMore benefits for the system.| Low price product No advertising Proctor and Gamble| Culligan, Electrolux, Sunbeam, Kenwood, Mellittta, Teledyne, Omni, BOTTLED WATER| Promotion and Advertising

50/50 in how it works and how taste
Taste benefits (improve in health) clean and fresh water, waterfall images 100 million cumulative advertising

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