Bristol Murder Summary

Topics: Murder, Rock music, Gérard Depardieu Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Bristol murder

Peter Jones is 22 years old boy who lives with his mother in Bridgwater. He works as a lorry driver in Universal Transport Limited. One day he had to take a load of biscuits to Manchester. He started to drive and he turned on the radio to listen the weather forecast. The day will be cold and rainy. When was time for the news Peter turned off the radio but he could listen that a middle-aged man was murdered in Bristol the night before. When Peter was driving in Bristol, he saw a boy about sixteen standing by the side of the road, holding out his hand to ask for a lift. Peter stopped the lorry, he opened the door and he said he was going to Manchester. The boy said he didn’t know where he was going, he was running away from his home. He was John Stevens. He lives with his uncle in Bristol and he was running away because he and his uncle had had an argument because he always want to go out with his friends but his uncle never let him do anything except study. But the night before, John went to the cinema and when he came back his uncle was so angry that he hit him in the face. John hit him very hard too and his uncle fell down. John was afraid and he ran out, but when he came back an hour later, there were several police cars outside the house and a policeman recognized him but John could run away. Peter looked an article on the newspaper. It said that Robert Stevens (John’s uncle) had been murdered with a chair leg by his nephew. Peter asked John about that and John said he didn’t killed his uncle. Peter trusted him and he decided help John. When they arrived to Manchester, Peter talked with his old friends, who had been in prison. He thought they could help John. One of Peter’s friends gave him an address of a person who lives in Bristol and maybe could give them some information about the murderer. It was Bob Steel. He said that he only give information if they give him money. Peter and John had to go to the bus station at 10 pm to meet with...
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