Brief Character Sketch of a Dog in the Novel Three Men in the Boat

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Class : V


1. One of the craziest oddities of the English language is that there are so many different collective nouns that all mean ‘ group’. Make a list of atleast 10 collective Nouns and paste pictures to illustrate them.

2. Make an attractive Book Mark. Write a Quotation on it. 3. Read Newspaper daily. Make a collage of News Headlines. 4. Do 10 Pages of Cursive Writing Book.
5. Write paragraphs on the following topics.(Any three)

a) Importance of English language
b) Joint Family- a blessing
c) Summer vacation
d) We must value Paper
e) Uses and abuses of Cell phones

The holiday assignments of your ward should be presentable, systematic and creative.


Science is a vast subject there are several branches of science which deal with a particular field of science. Find out what are the following called. Check & consult the dictionary.

1. botany is study of ----------
2. zoology is study of--------
3. ornithology is study of -----
4. ontology is study of -------
5. litho logy is study of -------
6. meteorology is study of ---------
7. toxicology is study of -------
8. astronomy is study of -------
9. seismology is study of -------
10. Chemistry is study of -----------

2. Using the leaves of trees, make the pictures of the following animals and birds.

• Butterfly
• Fish
• sparrow


1. Make a collage of numbers that are divisible by 2,3,5,10. Example is given below:


2. Observe the following pattern:
Table of 44 = Table of 14 +...
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