Brian Eno

Topics: Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Visual arts Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: January 5, 2013
We all know that everything has started to change in music with the recording technology. What we qualified something really important in music in the past, such as history, time and place etc. , today, in a sense, they start to lose their “value”. Before explaining the idea of Brian Eno, i want to mention what we discuss before him. Previously, we discussed Benjamin, Gould who supported the opposite sides of one point and i think the main point of these discussions is 'the aura of the music has started to destroy with the recording technology', accordingly, 'time and the place' have started to lose their value too.

Of course, Brian Eno discussed the time line, while he was mentioning his idea. Brian Eno is an English musician, composer, record producer, music theorist, singer and visual artist. On his essay, 'Studio as a Compositional Tool', he mentions that an artist can start his composition in a recording studio without having any idea about creating his work. In other words, starting a work in scratch , starting a work without an available idea and at this moment 'the time line' appears. If an artist has a specific idea to create his work, this idea evolved slowly. So, music comes into exist. In a way, the artist has got a direction and he knows what he can do, and also he can guess the finished product before he starts his composition. By this way, two things become important; the beginning of the work and the end of the work. Time line becomes important in this style of production. On the other hand, Brian Eno approaches it differently. An artist does not have to have a specific idea before going to recording studio, he does not have to carry his idea to the future. He can start to create his work with observing its transformations at the very moment in studio. For this idea, people are not able to know what the product will be in the end. So, the artist has not any concern to assimilate his work to his idea. The product started progress at the moment...
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