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Question 1: Explain B2B E-Commerce using an example of a book distributor who stocks a large number of books, which he distributes via a large network of book sellers. Assume that the distributor has stocks of books of a large number of publishers and book sellers order books as and when their stock is low. Distributors give 1 month's time to booksellers for payment. Question 2: Explain the system architecture of E-Commerce by looking at it as a set of layers with the physical network at the bottom layer and applications at the top layer.

Question 3: What do you understand by EDI? Is EDI used in B2C or B2B E-Commerce? Why is EDI important in E-Commerce?

Question 4:Why is security important in E-Commerce? What are the security issues to be taken into account while designing a security system for E-Commerce?

Question 5: What types of electronic payment systems are required in E-Commerce? Why are there different types of payment systems? Explain the necessary characteristics of each type of payment system and give an example each of where it is used.


Question 6: What three forces lead to the WWW’s emergence as the single most dynamic force in information technology? Question 7: Why is it so important to align the electronic commerce strategy with the overall business strategy?

Question 8: Give examples of how the supplier’s information system can be used at every link in the value chain by the customer? Question 9:Define the following terms and discuss the Infrastructure needed for an E-Commerce Environment: (Nov’09) (i)                  e-businesses

(ii)                e-commerce
(iii)               e-cooperation
(iv)              e-information
(v)                e-procurement
(vi)              e-government


10.1 By Electronic Commerce we mean:
a. Commerce of electronic goods
b. Commerce which depends on electronics
c. Commerce which is based on the use of internet
d. Commerce which is based on transactions using computers connected by telecommunication network

10.2 For...
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