Brer Rabbit Report

Topics: Uncle Remus, Song of the South, Slavery Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Brer Rabbit Gets Tricked
The legend of Uncle Remus is referred to in letter sixty-four as Tashi recites one of them. Not only does this again throw open the issue of slavery but also colonialism that is stealing from one country its beliefs and material items in order to supply your own country with them. Nettie, in letter fifty seven wonders at how many "thousands of vases, jars, masks" and "statues" the British have taken from Africa, a place that "once had a better civilization" than the European countries, but now experiences poverty and famine. The same too, can be said for the Uncle Remus Tales, written by Joel Chandler Harris, who after hearing them recited by African slaves on an American plantation, rewrote them - though he always said that he was merely "the compiler" - and as a result made thousands of dollars. The Uncle Remus Tales written by Joel Chandler Harris became a national phenomenon in the 1870s through Harris' satirical newspaper column in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The tales however had a very interesting contextual past. Harris originally heard the stories recited by slaves as a young boy working on a nearby plantation and then converted them into written narratives, firstly in the local newspaper, and then as the stories became known throughout the world, Harris would go onto write books. By the time Harris had died in 1908 he had written ten volumes of his work on Uncle Remus, and his stories had been translated into twenty-seven different languages. Uncle Remus, the central character in Harris' slave fiction, was an old slave, who told his moral fables to the son of a Union officer whom he had shot before coming to work on the plantation as punishment for what he had done. Although Remus told the stories in Harris' fiction, he was never the protagonist. Harris' stories usually revolved around animals such as Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit and Brer Wolf. Like many children's tales of that era, there was a central moral to each...
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