Breeders Own Pet Foods

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Unit 1 Case, 13th edition
Breeder’s Own Pet Foods
1.How would you describe the household dog food market?
The household food market in the United States is rising significantly. Not only are pet owners becoming more popular threw out the country, but owners are becoming more aware of the importance of nutrition that are going into their animals. Many trends are also noticeable among the population, such as owners viewing there animal companions as family members. Another factor is the growing emphasis on all-natural, no additives or preservatives are highly preferred by most pet owners. Higher quality, higher priced dog foods have encouraged the cultivation in dog ownership.

2.In which dog food category will Breeder’s Own compete for customers? Why? What is the target market for Breeder’s Own? A comparison of product attributes is helpful here.

The category that Breeder’s Own compete is in frozen and refrigerated dog foods, which only makes up about 1% of the U.S. dog food dollar volume. Frozen dog food dollar volume is increasing every year. There biggest competition is with 5 major brand named dog foods that carry dry food, wet food and treats. The target market includes single and marrieds between the ages of 21-54 with a household income of $25,000. They plan to target these buyers by comparing the product to their competition by emphasizing the benefits of the sale. The attributes that stand out for Breeders own that are going to attract customers include the luxurious fur coat, the world’s finest dog food, the guilt concept (shouldn’t your dog east as well as you do?) and the fact the it is all natural.

3.How might Breeder’s Own be positioned in the dog food market? I believe that Breeder’s Own will be positioned as a new source as a reliable distributor for the dog food market. They are going to be known for being the finest dog food available at any price. It is taking the outlook on pet owner’s intake of knowledge that they have on the...
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