Breast Cancer Care Plan

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Joanne’s GP requested that she has some community care
The G.P
Joanne first went to her GP because she felt a pain in her right breast, she had a feel of the breast and came across a lump, The GP examined the breast and referred her to the specialist breast clinic

When the wound has healed, Joanne can begin radiotherapy 5x week for 4 weeks. This will be done to ensure that all the cancer cells have died. This treatment will be done by a therapeutic radiographer

Pharmacy for her repeat prescription for her cancer treatment

When Joanne is discharged from hospital her GP requests that district nurses vist her home every day to ensure wound management is good and that the wound is healing well Specialist breast clinic

Surgeon and oncologist Examined Joanne, requested tests mammogram and x-ray of the breast, ultrasound and biopsy

District nurses to ensure that Joanne is taking her medication correctly

Chemo finishes after 14 weeks, and surgery is performed to remove the remainder of the tumour

Diagnostic radiographer, performs mammogram and ultrasound
Images are sent to consultant radiologist, surgeon and oncologist

District nurses vist Joanne at home to flush her PICC line to prevent infection Surgeon performs biopsy under guidance of ultrasound, samples of tissue are sent to the labs for testing

Chemo resumes

District nurses have requested that Joanne go to lymphoedema clinc, to have excess fluid drain from the lymph nodes Because Joanne’s veins are not very good the nurses have requested that she has a Hickman/PICC line fitted so that she doesn’t have to be canulated any more for chemo. CHEMO STOPPED WHILE PICC IS FITTED

Chemo therapy begins once weekly. For 14 weeks
Joanne has a meeting with the specialist breast care nurse and chemo therapy nurse to explain what chemo will do for her and explain the risks and benefits of chemo Joanne is told that she has cancer and that she needs to begin treatment ASAP. Her...
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