Braveheart Review

Topics: Braveheart, Edward I of England, William Wallace Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Review: Braveheart (1995)

I have decided to evaluate a movie that has been close to my heart since I first watched it in 1996. Even though I was still a young child, and therefore did not have a lot of experience regarding movies, I could not get my eyes off the screen. It is so beautifully filmed, along with fantastic actors, which enables to captivate the viewers attention from the beginning to the end. It is written by an actual descendant of the Scot warrior, Randall Wallace, and directed by Mel Gibson. This beautiful and fascinating movie is the one and only Braveheart. It combines exquisite action, passion, pride and love, all in one movie. Let us start with a brief summary of the story.

William Wallace, aka Braveheart, a Scottish knight, leads a group of Scottish rebels against the occupying English forces. In fact, the English occupies Scotland. Wallace’s aim is clear; attain the freedom of Scotland and its people, while also avenging the deaths of his wife Murron, his father and brother. During his revolt, Wallace and his men attack many English positions, winning several important battles where no one thought they could win. However, his battle in freeing his beloved Scotland is stopped when he his betrayed by his own king. He is tried for high treason. Wallace’s courage and love for his country makes him the greatest hero in the Scottish fight for independence.

The movie’s cast can be defined as one of the greatest. It is clear that the choice in actors to interpret these historical figures has been thoroughly thought about. William Wallace (Mel Gibson) and his enemy King Edward 1 of England (Patrick McGoohan). Both play extremely important roles in Braveheart. Mel Gibson plays the main character of the movie. He brilliantly interprets the role of William Wallace. Gibson’s acting in reproducing the rage and courage of the real persona is simply pure genius. In fact, especially in the battle scenes, Gibson delivers an outstanding...
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