Brave New World Theme Analysis

Topics: Brave New World, The World State, Universe Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Happiness and Truth
Years into the future, a perfect Utopia of World State is in power, and everyone is happy. There is no sadness, despair, or trouble. However, there is also no strong feeling, no love, and no personal connection. This is the universe in Brave New World. Within this novel there are several direct statements, and also characters, that have strongly contributed to this theme and the development of it over the entire novel.

Statements from this novel have greatly impacted the development of the theme, happiness against truth, over the course of the book. At the beginning of this book it may have been hard to distinguish what the meaning of ‘truth’ really was. On the contrary, it was very apparent what happiness was. For example, Mr. Foster said, “The lower the caste, the shorter the oxygen” (Huxley 14). Using this quote, we can conclude that the World State controls everything in the world. By controlling how intelligent the people are, they are controlling the people’s maximum potential. Without having unlimited potential people will be content with not being able to move up in the world. Therefore, they will have to find happiness in their current position, and could not possibly suffer from disappointment or despair because they are ‘produced’ and conditioned to only know how to perform their role in society. Towards the middle of the novel a new character, John (Savage), is introduced. He quickly supplemented into this Utopia after living his whole life inside the Reservation. The Reservation is a place where the Indians live in freedom to do whatever they please. They worship God, make sacrifices for the good of the group, and are knowledgeable, to a certain extent, about science. After being introduced into the World State, John strongly questions a lot of the morals of the people and leaders in the parallel universe outside of the Reservation. He is especially appalled about the idea of freely having emotionless sex out...
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