Brave New World - Psychology Aspect

Topics: Behaviorism, Psychology, Classical conditioning Pages: 4 (1718 words) Published: March 14, 2013
A big theme in the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is the idea of psychology as a means to control the masses and by default society. Psychology is a very broad subject that covers many opinions and ideas. We’re going to cover five psychologists who come from either the psychoanalytic or behaviorist section of psychology. These theories and beliefs they have convey the messages and ideas of control, sleep teaching, and conditioning. These ideas and opinions helped shape several bits and pieces in this novel.

There are several different psychologists who discovered ideas that lead to the idea of controlling people. Most of them did not start out or even work towards the idea of controlling someone. So up first on our tour of psychologists, we have the father of behaviorism, Ivan Pavlov. He started off as a physiologist who was rather passionate with his studies of both the Pancreas and digestion. He did several experiments to conclude data on this subject, earning several gold medals in Russia for his research. One day he began an experiment on dogs to see how the salivary gland works in them. What started out as a simple experiment lead to his discovering of conditioning. He learned that he could train the dogs to salivate. He would start by giving all of the dogs food and ringing a bell when doing so. After doing this so many times, he began to simply just ring the bell without giving them food. The dogs would still salivate because they now connected the bell to receiving food. This experiment was the stepping-stone for most behaviorist psychology. It was really one of the first physical things you could actually see. It would allow experiments to be done to study just how organisms respond to environmental stimuli. And that is just what happened. Several people, including Pavlov, began studying the ideas of behaviorism. Pavlov continued to expand on his ideas of conditioning. This idea was strongly used in Brave New World. The main point in the book...
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