Brave New World Evaluation

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Brave New World Evaluation
My overall impression of “Brave New World” presents a combination of emotions. I really enjoyed the novel, it was easy to read and understand. However, the content came as a shock. This book is much different from what I’m used to reading. Even though the book contained some issues that could cause concern I did not find it offensive. It was not as graphic as some people make it out to be. Written 80 years ago, this book appears on the most challenged books list every year. I didn’t see a reason as to why it shouldn’t be taught, but I understand the complaints raised by the book. One charge against this novel is the use of racism. Originally I didn’t notice any particular instance of racism, but upon further analyzing I came across the idea that the savage, John, may have been a victim. He struggled in both his native home and in the new world because he was different from everyone else. He truly had no place to call home because he was never accepted by anyone, making the claim accurate to some degree. However, I think that this may be bias. The book doesn’t focus on racism; it merely touches on the subject. If the person making this claim truly wants all of this type of racism excluded we would lose a big chunk of history in our schools. I don’t find this a relevant cause to ban a book from libraries or schools because it doesn’t actually promote racism. It is just a topic. In this novel there isn’t a religious view point. Ford is placed throughout the novel as an idol, but nothing more. The people of the new world think of him as a great leader and inventor, but not a creator. I think that the claim against the book based on religion or lack of religion is accurate. For a religious family it may be appalling that these people don’t believe in or even know God. The leaders in this world don’t want the people to know anything accept Ford. The charge may be accurate, but it is bias because if the issue is about worshipping an idol...
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