Brave New World: Active Reading Assignment

Topics: Brave New World, The World State, Aldous Huxley Pages: 6 (2271 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Sam Radice
Brave New World Active Reading Assignment
1.45, 63, 78, 89, 95, 99, 105, 141, 148, 156, 160, 161, 164, 212, 217
When Bernard travels throughout Brave New World, he never seems to take a long time, there is not much description about the length of time that it takes. It always seems like when Bernard travels, he does so extremely unconfidently. He is always either slouched or trying to pick himself up right before he arrives of ‘hiding behind the agave’. Bernard never travels with confidence or with a specific intent, he seems very sly and like he is up to no good. 2.Page 225- Mustapha Mond reveals to John, Bernard, and Helmholtz what science and progress truly is in their civilization. He confesses to them that it is nothing but propaganda and that no one truly knows what science is and even though they spend their lives referring to it and worshiping progress as their ‘religion’, there is really no such thing.

Page 130- John becomes very curious about science and progress when his mother teaches him how to read and write. She gives him the only book she has in order to let him practice his reading. The book is called The Chemical and Bacteriological Conditioning of the Embryo. Practical Instructions for Beta Embryo-Store Workers. When John asks Linda what exactly chemicals are, she can only respond with a very vague answer. She then rationalizes why she doesn’t know by saying that she only worked with the embryos. John notices that Linda never seemed to know much about anything and that the locals seemed to know much more. Even though the civilization in Brave New World is supposed to be centered around Progress and Science, the people living in it don’t seem to know much about anything and it reveals how these two things are in reality almost non-existent.

Page 55- Mustapha Mond begins to teach a class of students about the nature of progress and the contrast between the old civilization and the current. He explains how people used to get old and retire and find themselves, religion, and books. They had time to think; which was absolutely unheard of. The new civilization is filled with progress. The old and the young all work, they have no time to spend leisurely, and certainly no time to think.

Page 160- Bernard is showing John all parts of civilization in the world state. He decides to show John a factory with which Gama-Plus workers were in an assembly line making things for the world state. They’re were hundereds of twins that were all working in a line on either side of a conveyer belt. The science and progress of the world state has turned people into machines. They are being mass produced in identical forms in order to easily do the same job just like machines are. The progress of society has sacrificed the individual and the nature of humanity. The World State comes across in Brave New World to encourage science and progress. All their slogans and mottos are revolved around such things like Ford and the Model T, however, when you actually look below the surface, science and progress is virtually non-existent. No one creates and questions and reinvents anything, they all do simple mundane jobs that keep them from learning any amount of skills of knowledge that would make them be able to contribute to science. Mustapha Mond even confesses to John, Bernard, and Helmholtz that he wants to citizens to think they’re contributing to science and progress but knows that if these things actually existed there would be world chaos and the order of things would be disrupted. 3.138- This passage was when Bernard first meets John and asks about his entire life story. John reveals how he is different and how once he tried to punish himself by attempting to feel what Jesus felt when he was being crucified. Bernard becomes incredibly squeamish and cant stand it when John shows his scar. This is because Bernard’s conditioning has made him unable to cope with anything associated with pain or discomfort, no...
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