Brand Overview & Analysis - United Colors of Benetton

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OVERVIEW (Brand History, Product, USP, Objective)

‘UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON’ is an Italian clothing brand, part of the Benetton Group, which was founded by Luciano Benetton in the year 1965.

Luciano was then a 30-year-old Italian salesman in Treviso who decided to start a brand which sold colourful clothing. He started this company as a single store with his brothers Gilberto and Carlo and sister Giuliana. The first store was inaugurated at Belluno in 1966 and three years later they opened another store in Paris. It eventually spread through Europe and was established in the United States in 1979.

United Colors of Benetton now has 6500 stores worldwide, with casual and sportswear for women, men and kids as their core business and other products ranging from accessories to perfumes, travel bags and stationary.

Benetton is Europe’s largest clothing manufacturer and the world’s largest consumer of wool in the garment sector. It has the most global presence amongst all high street fashion brands, being present in 120 countries worldwide, having 9 factories in different parts of the world and annual turnover of 2.0 billion Euros in retail sales. It is listed in the stock exchanges of Frankfurt, Milan and New York.

The product strategy is to combine international style with colour, energy and practicality and the core of the brand identity is ‘Value’. The objective of the brand is to cater to people all over the world, regardless of their nationality, colour or race. The brand name ‘United Colors’ is based on this very thought.

The USP of the brand is to use current events in promotional strategies as this gives a sense of being ‘current’ and ‘on trend’, which is very important in today’s day and time. It also helps the customers connect with the brand on an emotional level.

ANALYSIS (Consumers, Production, Pricing, Promotional & Marketing Strategies)

Consumers range from urban newborns to...
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