Topics: Rome, Pope Julius II, Pope Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: May 16, 2011
Bramante and the Aesthetics of High Renaissance
Valerie Griffin

Thesis: Bramante an Italian architect and painter whose work centered around the classical style of the ancients ( Because Bramante is also attributee to the drawing of The Interior of the Church( The engraving was done by Bernado Prevedari.( Continuing to analyze the Church of Santa Maria, Bramante added the tribune to east end of the large church. The church was previously built in Gothic style in 1463, but was later torn down and Replaced by a Renaissance structure, to house the tombs if the Sforza Dynasty. We will also look at other works and the semblance of these works by Donato Bramante. Bramante or Bramante Lazzari an Italian painte and architect was born in July 1444.He was born at the Monte Asdruvaldo in Urbino,( As a child Bramante showed a great taste for drawing and he was placed under the tutuledge of Fra Bartemmeo also called Fra Carnavale. Bramante was soon absorbed by architecture and studied under Scirro Scirri, an archtect in his native place as well as under other master. Bramante set from Urbino executing works of varying magnitudes as he proceeded through several of Lombardy.( Bramante finally reached the city of Milan in Rome where he was attracted by the fame of the great Duomo. While in Milan Bramante devoted himself to the study of ancient buildings, both in the city and as far south as Naples ( Bramante was commissioned by the Cardinal Caraffa to rebuild the cloister of the Convent della Pace. The Cardinal then introduced Bramante to Pope Alexander VI. Bramante then executed for the Pope the Palace of the Cancelleria or Chancery. ( Bramante was one of the most important architects of the papal court. This comes from the work he done for Pope Alexander VI and under Pope Julius II, Bramante undertook the redesign of...
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