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3.What kind of Brain colour do you believe Dato Tony Fernandes and Tan Sri Francis Yeoh to have? Is there a superior brain colour and if so what & why? If not then what can we learn from understanding brain colours? (500) 3.1 Dato Tony Fernandes

Personally I believe Dato Tony Fernandes’ brain colour is GREEN! He is definitely dared to dream big. He bought an airline where he didn’t even know how to run the airline business. When Tony talked to Kamarudin Meranun on the idea to start the low cost carrier business because he sees huge market for it, they both quickly came to agreement on the shared percentage without talking on the detail on business plan. Same thing when he is giving his driver Sunny Tan for the cleaner business, his driver was hesitated as he never clean the aircraft before, but he replied by, “Never mind, let’s try together, I’m going from music to airlines. You’re my driver but you can learn to clean aircrafts” 3.2 Tan Sri Francis Yeoh

I believe Tan Sri Francis Yeoh’s brain colour is RED! Francis Yeoh, the managing director of YTL as one of Malaysia’s most prominent business personalities, having a very clear sense of purpose that makes every effort to practice his Christian values in his life and business. He gives all honors and glories to Jesus Chris where he said from HIM he derives all his purpose and passion on everything he does. With Yeoh’s family, their purpose is to bring positive change and to bring goodness to people live. Yeoh who is well known as quite a family man, clearly and precisely descript himself as very practical Engineer who calculates the percentage of time he would spend with his family, “Every Friday to Sun, spend dinner time with my wife for sure, that makes about 50% of time. And three weeks in summer and three weeks in winter with the children again, all just below 50% but that’s important that I see my children grown up”, Yeoh said this during his interview with CNN. Besides that a Red Brain person like him...
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